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  • This repository contains all the files for a clean L4D2 competitive server updated to **SourceMod** . It contains files from the [L4D2 Competitive Rework](https://github.com/SirPlease/L4D2-Competitive-Rework) but the missing / broken plugins have been fixed. It also contains a few extra features such as:

    * Installation steps (below)

    * Automatic server restart after every game (you can do a manual restart with `!rs` )

    * Advanced crash logs thanks to [Accelerator](https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=277703&)

    * `!mix` command for team selection ( `!stopmix` to stop the mix process at any time)

    * Ready-up menu that doesn't completely hide the chat

    * Extra configs (hit me up if you want me to add your config to this)

    * Easy custom maps installation (bottom of this README)


    * NextMod 1.0.4

    * ZoneMod 1.9.4

    * Apex 1.1.2

    * Equilibrium 3.0c

    * Promod Elite 1.1

    * OpenMod 2

    * Scavhunt

    * Scavogl

    * HardCoop

    Install Steps

    First of all, make sure your server is running **Ubuntu 18.04** or earlier. A L4D2 server on Ubuntu 19 is glitchy (you will see blood coming out of your screen when you shoot commons from far).


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